Great companies all have one thing in common.
They listen to their people.

Great companies all have one thing in common.

They listen to their people.


An inclusion-focused space to collect and analyze ideas from employees.

If you are:

a company

that knows its employees are its most valuable resource

a community

that values its members' input

an academic institution

that cares about its staff's voice

or any other organization

that depends on its members to be successful

looking for:

Actionable feedback

Because feedback without action is pointless, Ideos provides a framework that makes all input actionable, execution transparent and results easy to follow.

Data driven decisions

What do our people care about? What is important to them? How engaged is everyone?
Ideos delivers real metrics of hard to measure indicators to help answer these and other questions, leading to better decisions.

Bias free analysis

Ideas and feedback often fall victim to unconscious bias. Ideos creates an objective environment where ideas are assessed by its content, and not by the person behind it.

or wanting to:

Empower & engage

Ideos promotes meaningful participation and enables members to make their ideas and feedback visible across the organization. Ideos empowers people, empowered people are more engaged, and engaged people deliver better results.

Unleash innovation

We know that valuable insights, improvements, and even disruptive innovation can come from anyone. Ideos gives everyone an easy tool to contribute and find solutions to challenges.

then you are on the right place

Say hello to

Ideos is the digital platform that helps companies to build a better employee experience by listening to all employees and making that feedback actionable.

How does it work? Is it a survey tool?

No one likes surveys. We certainly don't. So no surveys. Instead, Ideos empowers every member to propose an idea, give constructive feedback, curate input and crowdsource solutions. The whole process is divided in 4 easy to follow steps:

Input Challenge Action Results

What is Employee Experience (EX)?

EX is the sum of perceptions people have about their interactions with their workplace. It influences how they feel, think and act about their jobs, and no, it's not about ping pong tables and bean bags.

How can Ideos help?

An exceptional EX is designed and built together with employees. Their ideas, insights and feedback are the building blocks companies need to transform themselves and create a successful and future proof organization.

Ideos focuses on gathering and organizing all these building blocks in one place, and presents them in a way that is easy to use and analyze.

Who we are is made by Emplero Labs B.V., a Dutch company based in the Province of South Holland, The Netherlands. With diverse backgrounds from HR, Computer Engineering and Data science, we are creating a better world, one company at a time.

We created Ideos because we believe that employees are the true heroes behind every organization. Listen and empower them, they will deliver excellent customer service, ship products clients love and take the company to the next level.

We also believe that...

Digital products should make your life easier, not more complicated. Ideos UX is designed with ease of use in mind.

Just because it's corporate doesn't need to be boring. Ideos has an informal feeling and a conversational style that makes it fun to use.

Walking alone can be scary. So we provide you with full support during implementation and we are always here for you.

One size fits all is not always the answer. Ideos is highly customizable, but we also provide Enterprise solutions for bigger needs.

Great things happen when companies foster a culture where Employee Experience is a top priority.

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