Trying to improve your company's EX?
Then you'll us.

Trying to improve your company's Employee Experience?

Then you'll us.


What do your employees need?
Stop guessing.
Start knowing.
What do your employees need?
Stop guessing. Start knowing.

Ideos.App gives all employees a voice and based on their feedback and ideas, it gives companies the data and insights they need to improve their EX.

We know that listening to everyone can be difficult and time consuming for managers. That traditional tools and methods can suffer from unconscious bias and feel like a burden to employees.
That's why Ideos.App was carefully designed to make the whole process more agile, transparent and engaging.
We could tell you about how easy and fun to use it is, but a demo is worth (more than) a thousand words.

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Ideos.App will help you and your team to:

Focus on what matters

Ideos.App engages your employees not only by asking for new ideas for improvements and solutions to current challenges, but also by collecting votes to understand what are the most relevant action points for them. All organized in well defined topics tailored to your company.

Save time (and money)

Because Ideos.App can automatically analyze the data for you, prioritize and source potential solutions, you don't need to spend hours on meetings guessing what to do next: Just look at the beautiful auto-generated action report, jump into the automatically created channel on MS-Teams or Slack and start doing.

Create a more inclusive space

Ideos.App was designed to fight unconscious bias. Its unique semi-anonymous model makes sure that everyone’s input - bottom line or top executives, small or big entities, John or Sarah - is equally visible and fairly assessed by its content and not because of who is behind it.

Drive engagement with results

Because Ideos.App makes the feedback process more transparent, it helps employees to connect input to actions, engaging them with real results. And it helps you to understand better the company culture with insightful metrics such as Constructive Feedback Index or Topic Engagement Score.

What can you do with Ideos.App?

In short, understand your employees better.
Ideos.App is being used to:

  • Validate engagement-related ideas among employees before implementing them.
  • Crowdsource solutions to big challenges, giving everyone a chance to participate.
  • Understand where employees would like to see changes or improvements.
  • Promote a constructive feedback culture, where people are encouraged to come up with problems and potential solutions for them.
  • Find better ways to work together for remote teams.

In today's work landscape, employees have more employer choices and higher expectations than ever.
Attracting and retaining the best people requires a continuously evolving engagement strategy that is designed and built together with the employee. And to do that, you need your people's input. You need Ideos.App.

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