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Ideos.app was designed to collect your employees voice in one place, evaluate it bias-free, and organize the data in a way that is useful and actionable. It makes that input visible across the organization and the process more transparent because anyone can follow up through all the steps.

Here are some common cases Ideos.App is being used for:

> To tap into the wisdom of the crowd:

Ideos.App can be a source of new ideas at different levels: From a new way to interact with customers to an improved process to book meeting rooms or a more engaging team building activity. Great ideas can come from anyone, anytime.

Solutions are evaluated bias-free: At first the author's name is hidden, so they are always evaluated based only on its content. Authors are revealed after the selection process.

Improving our Employer Brand

Solutions: 1

7 days left to submit solutions.

The Challenge: HR is struggling to attract new people, and talent often doesn't know much about our company. Despite having some of the highest retention rates in the industry and top employee satisfaction levels, our employer brand is weak.

Proposed Solutions

Let's use our SNS channels to showcase our amazing internal culture! Let's give our colleagues a mean to tell their story about their work and what they like. We could use some story telling technics like the ones we used at last year's ad campaigns.


> As an open channel for feedback:

Organizations are using Ideos.App to gather feedback from their members, validate that feedback with votes, and identify areas where they need to improve.

Food Waste

Votes: 211

At our events there are often a lot of left overs and we end up throwing away a lot of food. Let's find a way to avoid this, it's part of our CSR.

> To run Ideos Campaigns:

Campaigns are top-down challenges where employees and teams can propose solutions.
A sort of virtual hackathon, a campaign can span days, weeks or even months, award prices for the winners and have specific and clear rules and constraints. They look something like this.

At its very core, Ideos.App crowdsources input: What that input is (ideas, feedback, solutions or anything else) is up to each organization.

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Employees' insights are the building blocks of future-proof organizations.

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